I'm Kyle Vedder

In 20 years I want there to be robots that can effectively provide a full range of quality care to the elderly. The US is on the verge of a large retirement of baby boomers and China faces a deeply troubling demographic cliff in 20 years, motivating the need for new methods of automated, high quality elder care not reliant upon human labor.


I am a CS PhD student at Penn under Eric Eaton in the Lifelong Machine Learning group of GRASP Lab. Motivated by my goal of developing elder care robots, my research interests lie in the intersection of:

During my undergrad in CS at UMass Amherst I did research under Joydeep Biswas in the Autonomous Mobile Robotics Lab. My research was in:

I have also done a number of industry internships; I have interned twice at Unidesk (a startup since aquired by Citrix), twice at Google, and once at Amazon's R&D lab, Lab126 (where I worked on their home robot Astro).

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